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Pitinga beach (in Arraial D´Ajuda) We are going through the Buranhén river by ferry- boat and after aprox. 25 minuts by van we´ll get to Pitinga beach surrounded by Restinga vegetacion–covered cliffs and reefs. We are going to stay in a beach–shack, bestowed with toilets , showers, and sun-umbrellas, where we can have lunch. On the way back, we are going to visit downtown Arraial Village briefly to see the historical places and the handcraft shops.

 Coral Reefs – (Recife de Fora) The leaving is according with the tide –table. It´s the ideal place to practice snorkel diving in natural pools. It has a great variety of fish and coral species. It is a must to wear due tennis shoes to walk around the reefs . The whole duration of this excursion is about four hours.

                                                             Santo André
Beach  Santo André– This was the chosen place to relax and rest by the Germany soccer National team. There, we are going to take some sea-baths on the Santo André`s beach. On the way back we are going to stop at the “Oficina do Sabor” to taste some sweet things. Our next stop will be at a restaurant which has some self service typical Bahian food and a delicious variety of salads.. * No credit cards are accepted in the restaurant. Please take some money to pay there.
Individual Divingsuitable equipments are employed in the diving. The on- board service (included) counts with fruits, juices, cookies and water. Diving is practised in the area surrounding the Coral Reefs, diving down from 4 to 11 meters deep, with a diving coach accompaning during the dive.
Mirror beach journey – this is one of the most beatiful beaches in Brazil. It is surrounded by white cliffs melted to the marine environment. There, we count on with a supporting shack  totally equipped. To use the services it is necessary a minimal consummition. ”We advise to take some money with you”.
Trancoso is a very famous beach known as a meeting point for artists and football players. There we are going to do a tour in the “ Quadrado of Trancoso”, that owns a remarkable historical value. And we are going to spend some time in a beach –shack which has an excellent restaurant service, where we can also take some sea-baths. Trancoso is considerated one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

 Tour Jaqueira Indian Reservation – (Etnotourism):

Is possible to make contact with the Pataxó`s Tribe cultural manifestations in the middle of the Tropical Rain Forest (Mata Atlântica). They show their practical way of life inside the forest where they guide us on a trek, they do an arrow and bow shooting exhibition, they will offer us fish roasted in Patiobá leaves.  It is also possible to have the body painted, which is a cultural manifestation of the Pataxó Indian nation.                                   


The reference value of the tours is valid per person.


* The reference value is included only the transport, it is not included the power.


* The transfer will be carried out from hotels and inns located in the urban perimeter of Porto Seguro. Consult us for prices in other locations, if your lodging is in Porto Seguro District, such as: Trancoso, Arraial D'Ajuda, and other neighboring districts or cities.


* Road Groups - Transfers to the place of embarkation and disembarkation will be carried out with the bus that brings the excursion.


* The customer must appear at the agreed time and place for boarding as specified in the VOUCHER.


* The above schedule may change, be shortened or canceled, when Fan Big Turismo deems that unavoidable circumstances such as climate change, access, or others, unrelated to its will, may harm the group's safety, well-being or good progress of activities.


* In case of cancellation by the company, before the departure of the tour and with availability and agreement of the customer, the tour can be rescheduled for another day during their stay.


* The company is not responsible for any inconvenience arising from the cancellation or alteration of the program on its own initiative, if it is proven that it is impossible to carry out the tour due to contingencies beyond its control.


* The reference value is subject to change without prior notice. Contact us.






Reservation Center e-mail: 

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